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Woman Reveals How Father Gave Her Electric Shocks And Made Her Drink Alcohol ‘To Make Her Superhuman’

Haven’t we all wished we were superhuman at some point? Whether it be wishing that we could cast a cruel spell over our enemies like Harry Potter, reading people’s minds like Professor X or moving objects with our minds like Eleven from Stranger Things?!
There is something very appealing about having the ability to perform acts that the human body is incapable of. It’s why millions of us flock to the cinema every time a new superhero movie hits the screen and the same intrigue that has us buying futuristic gadgets!

However, we are acutely aware of the fact that it’s not possible for us to exhibit the same supernatural powers as Wonder Woman or Spider-Man, so we settle to live vicariously through them. But, for one French man, this wasn’t good enough.
Louis Didier was convinced that he could condition his daughter into becoming ‘superhuman’ by forcing her to perform painful, cruel and humiliating stunts. Now, decades on from her horrific ordeal, she has finally found the strength to speak out.

Maude Julien, now 60 years old, was subjected to endless abuse from her alcoholic father, who would make her grab hold of an electric fence twice a week without betraying any sign of pain or emotion.
Didier, who kept Maude trapped in his mansion in the north of France, would also lock her in a rat-infested cellar where he demanded she “meditate about death.” Not content with these experiments alone, he’d also dangle her off a cliff top as part of sickening endurance tests, and make her drink neat whiskey before forcing her to walk in a straight line.

Didier’s plans to make her the “ultimate survivor” also meant that Maude was banned from any human affection. Cuddling her mother, who lived with them, was strictly off limits.
Maude’s mother remained passive to all of her husband’s experiments, because she was also a victim of his sadistic behavior.
Horrifyingly, Didier had adopted Maude’s mother, Jeannine, when she was just six years old before grooming her to become his wife. Didier became rich by selling transport stock after the Second World War, and he used his wealth to cover up his abuse.

So when Jeannine gave birth to Maude in 1957, very few people interfered when Didier began to experiment with the child in an attempt to make her “superhuman”. Didier’s bizarre quest stemmed from his belief that the world was going to end and need a savior.

The horrific abuse would last for 18 years, by which point a significant amount of lasting damage had been done.
To this day, Maude still suffers from liver problems as a result of the vast quantities of alcohol her father would make her drink. She also bears mental scars from the pain her father, and one of his employees who sexually abused her, inflicted.

Maude was freed from her father’s frightening regime when she was 18 years old when her music teacher helped her run away.
After three years of careful work, he managed to gain the trust of Didier, who allowed Maude to go to his music shop for lessons. Once there, Maude convinced her father to let her marry a boy she’d met at the music shop.
He agreed but made her promise she’d return a virgin after only six months.

However, as soon as she married, Maude fled and never returned. She has since remarried and had children of her own. Now a grandmother living in Paris, Maude is a psychiatrist with her own patients.
Didier died in 1981 at the age of 71, and Maude never spoke to her mother again after leaving her father behind. However, she has dedicated her book, The Only Girl In The World, which details her life, to her mother.
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