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Soldier Makes Friends With A Stray Dog In Iraq, When He Returns Home A Surprise Is Waiting For Him

The war-torn streets of Iraq are not a place where you would expect to make friends, especially not as a soldier. But when Ken Wyrsch met Ollie, the two soon became inseparable.
Ollie wasn’t a conventional friend for the soldier. With four legs and a lot of fur, he was the complete opposite to the clean-shaven, uniform-wearing men that he befriended.
With no home to go to, Ollie invited himself into the soldiers’ quarters, where he comfortably dozed on their beds while eating their leftovers.

Despite the kindness that all the soldiers showed to Ollie, the street dog became particularly attached to Ken, who became his master while in Iraq. In fact, Ollie hot on the heels of Ken wherever he went.

This unique bond helped boost Ken’s morale during some very difficult and lonely times whilst serving in Iraq. “He was there when we left our missions, he was there when we got back,” the soldier told CBS SF.
However, Ken refused to get too close, aware that one day he may be forced to part with his canine chum.

Sure enough, the time came for Ken to return home to California. The whole army base where he’d been stationed was scheduled to close, meaning that Ollie would once again be homeless.
Convinced that Ollie would not survive the streets, Ken took drastic action to ensure that he was protected, enabling them to continue their friendship far away from the war-ravaged streets of Iraq.
Watch the heartwarming moment that the two were reunited thanks to the kindness of strangers:

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