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Group Of Friends Find Taped Up Cooler Floating In A Lake, But Jump Back After Opening It…

We’ve all made bizarre discoveries at some point in our lives, but when this man and his friends found a taped up cooler floating in a lake, their video quickly went viral.

But how could something as apparently mundane as a cooler manage to inspire such interest? Well, let’s just say it was less about the cooler and more about what was found inside.

It all began when a group of friends went to the lake on an otherwise ordinary and sunny day.

While they all thought they were in for a relaxing day, soaking in the summer sun, they soon came to realize that their day would be far from relaxing.

In fact, when they opened up the cooler, their hearts stopped at the alarming contents found within.

The floating cooler was initially noticed by one male member of the group. The man, who has not been identified, spotted the baffling sight and got his camera at the ready.

He then filmed as his friend swam to the other end of the lake to collect the tightly concealed container to bring it to the rest of the group.

They immediately wondered what was inside – they decided it had to be something more sinister than simply cans of beer or sodas because it had been secured so intently.

Then the moment of truth happened as one member of the group removed the tape from the cooler and opened it to reveal a very unexpected item.

Watch how these unsuspecting friends got the shock of their lives upon seeing this disturbing surprise:

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