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Gordon Brown backs child migrant compo

Former British prime minister Gordon Brown says the UK government must compensate former child migrants who were abused in Australia and other countries last century.
He told the UK's child sexual abuse inquiry sitting in London on Thursday that the child migration scheme was a "government-enforced form of human trafficking".
The inquiry is examining the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children sent to Australia and elsewhere up to the 1970s.
Brown said the clear violation of human rights meant the UK government must devise a redress scheme to compensate those former child migrants who were still alive.
In 2010 Brown apologised on behalf of the UK government to former child migrants for the hurt they suffered.
Brown urged the inquiry to call a government minister to ask them why a redress scheme should not launched as soon as possible.
He said his 2010 apology had only covered part of the issue and since then he had been shocked to learn of the scale of the sexual abuse suffered by child migrants over many years.
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