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Boris Johnson denies plotting against May

Boris Johnson has brushed off reports he is plotting to oust Theresa May, insisting he fully supports her attempts to form a minority government.
Writing in The Sun, the Foreign Secretary says May deserves the backing of the Conservative Party having secured the largest number of Tory votes since the days of Margaret Thatcher.
He says there is no appetite among the public for a leadership contest which could plunge the party into a fresh general election.
"To those that say the PM should step down, or that we need another election or even - God help us - a second referendum, I say come off it. Get a grip, everyone," he says.
"This is the third year running that we have forced the people out to the polls. This is the third year running that they have been accosted at stations and asked for their support, or had campaign literature thrust into their hands.
"My judgment is that they are fed up to the back teeth with all this. They are fed up with politics, politicians and the uncertainty and dislocation of the electoral process. They overwhelmingly want us to get on with the job."
Earlier it was reported that Johnson had sent a WhatsApp message to Commons colleagues urging them to "calm down" following the election.
Mr Johnson's eight-point message said Tory MPs must "stop the narrative" that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn "somehow won this thing", noting he "barely did better" than Gordon Brown in 2010, ITV News reported.
The timing of the message, and the subsequent public release of it, will do little to quash speculation Johnson is setting the scene for a potential leadership bid.
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